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At Double O Plastics we specialize in making you more competitive with short lead times and fast turnaround to keep your business operating efficiently. Delivering a quality manufacturing service customized for you from our 20 years of experience in the industry.

At Double O Plastics, we provide quality, custom injection molding services and the immediate capability to offer your company:

  • Shorter lead time production runs of low to medium volume.
  • Longer high volume production capacity.
  • Material, molding, and on-site assembly services.
  • Inventory management and safety stock programs.
  • Full range of 13 dedicated machines with up to 730 tonnage presses.
  • Savings through developed systems, expertise, and experience.

Conveniently located near Charlotte NC, Double O Plastics has serviced the plastic industry since 1990 and has been featured in publications such as Plastics News and The Charlotte Observer. Contact us today and let us get your Product into Production.


At Double O Plastics, we are committed to helping our customer through each step of the manufacturing process.  We assist our clients in part design, material selection, mold production and maintenance.  We have developed custom inventory programs with many of our customers to keep their parts and materials always available and at stable prices.  We also perform secondary operations on parts and provide custom packaging and labeling to have your parts ready to sell when they leave our door.

Click here to learn more about the equipment that allows us to provide these services to you.

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